Letters to Ellen by Gilbert Meilaender

What do you tell a young college student about school and life? What advice do you give a daughter (or a son) about vocation, about the importance of commitment, or gratitude? Amid the moral push and pull of modern society, what values and virtues do you most wish to pass on to your children?

In this collection of twenty-four imaginary and imaginative letters from a parent to a daughter in college, Gilbert Meilaender imparts sound yet gentle moral instruction to today’s young adults. Highly reminiscent of C. S. Lewis, these letters are a rich mine of sage advice on the Christian moral life woven within the kind, honest, and often humorous language of a loving parent. Meilaender touches on topics ranging from miracles, prayer, faith, and death to the many facets of virtuous living: contentment, fidelity, love, trust, authenticity, humility, hope -- and even studiousness! An ideal resource for personal reflection and group discussion. Read by Laurie McCauley.