Andrew Pettegree

Andrew Pettegree is professor of history at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. His research interests focus around the European Reformation and the history of print publishing. He is the director of research for a project entitled the Universal Short Title Catalogue, a survey of all books published before 1601. His own published works include The Book in the Renaissance (2010), The Invention of News (2014), and Brand Luther (2015).


Volume 136

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Guests on Volume 136: Thomas Albert Howard, on the history of commemorating the Reformation; Mark Noll, on how the Reformers would want to be remembered; Andrew Pettegree, on how Martin Luther transformed the printing industry; Peter Leithart, on the biblical basis for the unity of the Church; Norm Klassen, on the political theology implicit in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; James Litton, on the life and work of hymnologist, Erik Routley; and Joseph O’Brien, on the neglected literary achievements of J. F. Powers.