Douglas J. Schuurman

Douglas J. Schuurman is a professor of religion at St. Olaf College; before joining the faculty there he taught at Calvin College. He is the coauthor of After Eden: Facing the Challenge of Gender Reconciliation, and author of Creation, Eschaton, and Ethics: The Ethical Significance of the Creation-Eschaton Relation in the Thought of Emil Brunner and Jurgen Moltmann. He has also had articles published in several periodicals, including the Calvin Theological Journal, Modern Theology, and The Journal of Religion. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Divinity School, his M.Div. from Calvin Theological Seminary, and his B.A. from Calvin College.


Volume 68

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Guests on Volume 68: Murray Milner, Jr., on American teenagers, schools, and the culture of consumption, and on how the choices of parents create the institutional framework for the lives of adolescents; Steven C. Vryhof, on faith-based schools and the maintaining of community; Douglas J. Schuurman, on recovering the Reformation's vision of vocation as neighbor-love and instrument of providence; Robert Gagnon, on Biblical teaching about homosexuality and how it is being ignored; Richard Stivers, on the role of technologies and "technique" in creating a sense of loneliness; and Quentin Schultze, on the role of religious paradigms in the American understanding of mass media.