J. A. C. Redford

J. A. C. Redford is an internationally recognized composer of concert music, film and television scores, and music for the theater. His choral symphony Welcome All Wonders contains the texts of five poems that deal with the Nativity and the Incarnation.

He has collaborated with a number of poets, including Scott Cairns and Malcolm Guite. The recording Let Beauty Be Our Memorial features Redford’s setting of Guite’s seven sonnets based on the ancient Advent “O Antiphons.”

Redford and Cairns wrote about their collaborationon on the oratorio, “The Martyrdom of St. Polycarp” for Image journal (Image, 44). Cairns’s “Writing the True Icon” describes how he became involved in the project; it describes how, while writing the libretto, he daily prayed the prayer of icon writers so that he would hear and record the Saint's voice faithfully and artfully. Redford’s essay, “Taste and See,” recounts how he used Cairns’s verses to guide his composing. Additionally, it illuminates some of the concerns that led him to choose a children’s choir to narrate the oratorio. See Images web pages for information about obtaining a copy of the articles. 



MARS HILL AUDIO Conversation 32

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel: Malcolm Guite and J. A. C. Redford on the Advent O Antiphons

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In this Conversation, poet and priest Malcolm Guite talks about his seven sonnets corresponding to the seven “O Antiphons.” Also included in this Conversation is an interview with composer J. A. C. Redford who collaborated with Malcolm Guite to set Guite’s seven “O Antiphon” sonnets to music for unaccompanied choir. In these interviews, we discuss how poetry and liturgy invite repetition, and also how music can be an interpretation of a text so as to aid how one inhabits poetry over time. 45 minutes $6.


Volume 132

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Guests on Volume 132: David I. Smith, on how metaphors assumed by teachers lead them to imagine the vocation of teaching; Susan Felch, on how the metaphors of gardens, building, and feasting can inform the task of education; D. C. Schindler, on philosopher Robert Spaemann's understanding of a teleological nature; Malcolm Guite, on his seven sonnets based on the ancient “O Antiphons” sung traditionally during Advent; J. A. C. Redford, on setting Malcolm Guite’s “O Antiphon” sonnets to music


Volume 67

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Guests on Volume 67: Eric O. Jacobsen, on urban churches and taking the concrete realities of community seriously; Allan C. Carlson, on the family in American culture and in government policy; Terence L. Nichols, on a sacramental view of Creation as an alternative to naturalism; R. R. Reno, on spiritual lethargy and sloth and the need for a more heroic vision for spiritual possibility; David Bentley Hart, on a Christian understanding of beauty rooted in the reality of the divine gift that is Creation; and J. A. C. Redford & Scott Cairns, on the making of "The Martyrdom of Polycarp."


Volume 41

Guests on Volume 41: Harry Blamires, on resisting secularism; David Healy, on antidepressants and the concept of disease; Christine Pohl, on the modern challenges to the practice of hospitality; Paul Gutjahr, on the changing place of the Bible in American culture; Francis Fukuyama, on human nature and the shape of moral community; Paul Corby Finney, on visual arts and the Calvinist tradition; and J. A. C. Redford, on Christmas Music and the Incarnation.