Jerome C. Wakefield

Jerome Wakefield is University Professor and Professor of Social Work at New York University. He serves on a number of editorial boards of academic journals, including Clinical Social Work Journal and Evolutionary Psychology, and recently co-authored a book with Allan V. Horwitz of Rutgers University entitled The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow into Depressive Disorder (2007, Oxford Press). More information about Jerome Wakefield can be found at his NYU faculty profile here.


Volume 89

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Guests on Volume 89: Thomas Hibbs, on the theme of the possibility of redemption in film noir and similar film genres; Barrett Fisher, on the films of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman; Fred Turner, on 1960s dreams of countercultural change and the rise of the Whole Earth Catalog; Dan Blazer, on why psychiatric disorders require attention to the story of patients’ lives; Christopher Lane, on the complex characteristics of anxiety and the tendency to treat the absence of ease with drugs; and Jerome C. Wakefield, on how psychiatry began ignoring causes of mental suffering and so defined sadness as a disease.