Joshua Gamson

Joshua Gamson, author of Claims to Fame: Celebrity in Contemporary America, is Professor of Sociology at the University of San Fransico, and past professor of sociology at Yale University. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, and his B.A. in political science at Swarthmore College. He is particularly interested in the sociology of culture, social movements, participant-observation methodology and techniques, and the history, theory, and sociology of sexuality.


Volume 9

Guests on Volume 9: William Bennett, on the power of stories in the cultivation of virtue; Mark Juergensmeyer, on religious nationalism and the possibilities of new cold wars; Ed Knippers, on the spiritual reasons for the vivid physicality of his paintings of Biblical narratives; Joshua Gamson, on Claims to Fame: Celebrity in Contemporary America; Ken Myers, on "attitude" and violence in pop culture and on the streets; Richard Doerflinger, on the ethical numbness of the NIH Embryo Research Panel; Richard John Neuhaus, on assisted suicide and the chilling prospects of modern eugenics; and Ted Libbey, on making an initial approach to classical music.