Monica Ganas

Monica Ganas is a professor and 30-year-veteran of the entertainment industry, performing principally in satirical comedy as an actor, writer, and occasional producer/director. Her areas of scholarship, publication, and teaching are popular culture, film, television, and other media, as well as theater, community development, and communication for social change. The wife of a Lutheran pastor, Ganas is also co-director of the Azusa Renaissance Project, a grassroots movement to restore arts in Azusa through workshops and performance venues. She is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences, and Chairs the California Culture area of the Regional Popular Culture Association. Her book, Under the Influence: California's Intoxicating Spiritual and Cultural Impact on America, was published by Brazos in 2010. She holds degrees from San Francisco State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky.


Volume 104

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Guests on Volume 104: James Le Fanu, on the mistaken assumption that modern medical science has eliminated the fittingness of a sense of mystery and wonder at the human mind and body; Garret Keizer, on how many noises in modern life reveal a state of warfare with the limitations of our embodiment; Daniel Ritchie, on how Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) and Isaac Watts (1674-1748) anticipated late twentieth-century critiques of the Enlightenment; Monica Ganas, on how the distinct vision of life embedded in "California-ism" has exerted a powerful cultural influence; Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, on how the search for faithfulness to Christ led him to the wisdom of the Benedictine Rule and a "new monasticism"; and Peter J. Leithart, on why Constantine has an unfairly bad reputation and on how his rule dealt a severe blow to paganism in the West.