Murray Milner, Jr.

Murray Milner, Jr. is Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Virginia. Before joining the faculty there in 1972 he taught at New York University and worked for the National Council of Churches in Bangladesh. In addition to Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids, he has also written The Illusion of Equality: The Effects of Educational Opportunity on Inequality and Conflict; Unequal Care: A Case Study of Interorganizational Relations in Health Care; and Status and Sacredness: A General Theory of Status Relations and an Analysis of Indian Culture. He earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University, his M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary (New York), his M.A. from the University of Texas, and his B.Sc. from Texas A & M.


Volume 68

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Guests on Volume 68: Murray Milner, Jr., on American teenagers, schools, and the culture of consumption, and on how the choices of parents create the institutional framework for the lives of adolescents; Steven C. Vryhof, on faith-based schools and the maintaining of community; Douglas J. Schuurman, on recovering the Reformation's vision of vocation as neighbor-love and instrument of providence; Robert Gagnon, on Biblical teaching about homosexuality and how it is being ignored; Richard Stivers, on the role of technologies and "technique" in creating a sense of loneliness; and Quentin Schultze, on the role of religious paradigms in the American understanding of mass media.