Susan Bergman

Susan Bergman is an award-winning essayist and poet. She is the author of a memoir, Anonymity and a novel, Buried Life. She holds a Ph.D. in literature from Northwestern University, with a specialization in twentieth century poetry. Bergman has taught and lectured in literature and writing in a variety of settings, including Northwestern University, University of Chicago, New York University, and Notre Dame University. Bergman is the editor of an anthology entitled Martyrs: Contemporary Writers on Modern Lives of Faith.


Volume 25

Guests on Volume 25: Douglas Groothuis, on The Soul in Cyberspace; Harold Bloom, on the Gnostic view of creation and fall; Gilbert Meilaender, on the outlines of a distinctively Christian bioethics; Susan Bergman, on martyrs and the meaning of suffering; Paul Marshall, on international persecution of Christians; George Marsden, on The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship; Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, on divorce as a democratic institution; and Leonard Payton, on The Pilgrim's Progress by Ralph Vaughn Williams.